January Retrospective Update #14

2021 so far feels like jumping out of the 2020 dumpster fire only to realize that the dumpster was sitting on a freight train headed for a cliff. It’s been an interesting month so far to say the least.

I finished the book “Where Wizards Stay Up Late”. The book takes an in depth look at the history of the internet with a fairly interesting dive into the culture surrounding the government funding computing projects of the time. While the internet feels like a thing “that’s always been here”, it’s amazing to realize just how much development happened in my lifetime. I found the book very readable and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to peer back into internet history.

Sadly, most of my other goals have not fared as well during the month of January. I fear that I am “COVID fine” aka doing my best to deal with a certain heavy depression situated around the madness of our continuing forced social isolation. In all reality, my work productivity has taken a fairly sharp downward turn lately. The situation is quickly becoming untenable for my continued sanity. At least I’ve got Fin’s wonderful company to kick me in the ass from time to time.

School’s started again. This semester will be focused on interactive knowledge system and artificial intelligence agents. My personal mission to create my very own JARVIS may see some movement this semester.

I’m hoping we see a bit of winter in February. So far, January has been overly mild and I fear Spring will bring a nasty bug population. Hopefully Spring and Summer see some degree of return to normalcy for us all.

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