Well now, the question is if we might make wine…. But, I’ll be happy for just a handful of grapes.

Moving to WordPress!

This blog will shortly disappear to be replaced by a new blog, no longer part of the Google mothership.

Shouldn’t be any need to update links, but if your reader feed dies, might want to try to update the RSS feed again.

Gardening for 2013

Well,  due to an extremely late snow storm in May this year I feel like I am totally behind on getting everything into the garden.  I know I am pretty late on some things is year,  but not so much on others.  I am slowly working way through all my beds,  getting them planted.

This year I decided to actually install the new flower bed in the front of the house.   It’s all planted now,  there are some day lilies there at the end,  some herbs next and I planted the whole thing in with a wildflower mix.  Hopefully it will do well,  especially since I’m getting done so late.

– Fin