Rebooting The Tech Stack

In a few days, will temporarily go offline.

I’ve been irked by big-tech shenanigans for a while. The ‘usable’ internet seems to be shrinking daily, despite more people signing in. Simple google searches for basic tech hobbyist information result in ever increasing bullshit of SEO optimized bullshit content for ads. And, as Fin might tell you, that’s not limited to tech – the knitting / spinning / art communities are in the same dire straights.

So, we’re going to be taking some big moves toward sustainable tech(?) / technology sovereignty (?) / technology ludditism (?). I guess finding the right term might help our search.

The Plan:

  • Consolidate my piecemeal hosting to a single upgraded dedicated server
  • Move to more reliable backup / archive service
  • Explore home services using VPN or Wiregaurd
  • Drop my old GSuite and Office365 accounts in favor of OSS alternative
  • Move to ‘degoogled’ Android variant
  • Get NVR / DVR running!

I’m planning on merging this blog a bit with my ‘other’ technical blog as well. Hope to have some posts here discussing those plans later.

This means you’ll be seeing some updates here about what it’s like being a tech hippyy (?). And, maybe some solutions if you want to do it too.

2 thoughts on “Rebooting The Tech Stack”

  1. I highly recommend LineageOS as an alternative Android ROM. And Backblaze for backup/archive storage

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