Mitten Yarn

The weather here has been really crazy! We got a bunch of snow and really cold temperatures, which we haven’t seen in a while. I realized during the taking care of the chickens part of all of this that I had no warm hand wear. I’ve got plenty of choices for sweaters and I made myself a hat and scarf already so I’m covered there. The hat and scarf were amazing for this super cold weather, I am really glad I had them available. The only hand coverings I have currently are one holey pair of thin wool gloves I got at a thrift store and a pair of (of course white) cashmere gloves I got from an estate sale once upon a time. Those cashmere gloves are amazing, but who wants to wear your nice cashmere gloves to the barn? I mean, I did, but who wants to? They really weren’t up to the task, although better then the nothing I would have been wearing otherwise!

I’ve decided that I want to make myself some mittens. I don’t remember ever having a pair of mittens, even as a child, but I can’t imagine I haven’t. They seem like the perfect compromise between warm and flexible for going out to the barn. I made myself up some rolags from the brown mini Cheviot I have and spun myself about 110 yards of yarn for some mittens. I have no idea if this is going to be enough. I swear with my yarn that I make I do the calculations for the yardage then I don’t actually have that much yarn, so far I always have a whole lot more, which makes me think I’m probably doing something wrong. I need to get myself a yarn counter, but that’s for another day. These days it’s more fly by the seat of the pants learning as I go along. It’s been fun though.

I spun the rolags up on my Electric Eel Wheel 6.0 with a z twist and plyed them on that wheel as well, with an s twist. This is a 3-ply yarn. I tried chain plying the ends of the bobbins but that was just a whole mess so that part of the yarn I just set aside for the next time I need a dye mop to see what it looks like over the brown.

electric eel wheel with rolag and thread in process
3 yarn bobbins with freshly spun thread

I am realizing that I underspin my yarn, this yarn I was really trying to put more twist into but ended up with a looser fluffy yarn once again. I love that kind of yarn, but I’m not sure it is actually going to make mittens that last a super long time, since the yarn will pill easily. I am planning on making some oversized mittens and felting them down to a smaller size, that should help with the wear and tear on them.

Newly spun yarn against yellow rest
Newly spun yarn being held to camera

I used my EEW Cone Winder to put it on a cone, I’ve found I prefer the cones to balls. The center pull ball never works out for me and it’s irritating to use it from the outside. I can just set the cone on the floor and it unravels as I craft.

a cheviot spun yarn on a cone held for camera

Probably going to do this up on one of my knitting looms, not sure which yet. Looking forward to it warming up, but in the meantime, gonna suffer ‘till I get these done!

To all y’all out there not enjoying this cold: Just one more week left until there is just one more week left of this weather, and I feel your pain.


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