Weekly Update #10

Slowly going mad.

For whatever reason, I never considered that I’d have an issue living in isolation. 3 year trip to Mars? Just give me a good book for the view. Arctic post? A good nice heater and decent TV dinners. Not even 3 weeks into this stay-at-home business and I’m stressing.

I got a shelving unit put together for in-door plant starts. The raised bed in the back is about ready, and I’m putting together hardware for another couple projects. Meanwhile, Fin has started some painting and restarted a few of her other small project.

The days blend together – not enough difference between any given day to leave a mark and count time. A good reason to have weekends. The dogs are happy at least.

My New Years goals are in a sad state – I’m trying to double down and get things done, but most everything is a struggle these days.

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