Weekly Update #9

I’ve missed a few updates as of late. Immediately before stay at home orders and quarantine orders, I initiated some fairly substantial changes in my professional life. Sadly, time and energy for the home life eroded immediately as that upheaval began.

Midterm grades came back, and I’m sitting toward the top of the class. That bit of news has not helped my constant fight with procrastination. Nor have project extensions and format changes due to the university attempting to aid students impacted by COVID-19.

The past few weeks have seen little movement in all my area goals – piano, journaling, gardening. But, this week, I’ve worked to push aside the professional shit-storm and concentrate on the garden. Despite a pause in my efforts to build a garden, I managed to make some strong progress on a raised bed for the upcoming season. Inside, I’m working on putting together some shelving to do starts and perhaps hydroponics later.

If nothing else, sheltering in place has given me the ability to concentrate on at-home projects. Stay safe out there folks.

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