Weekly Update #8

Professional life has been grating the past couple weeks and hasn’t done much to aid in my ongoing battle with depressed mood. Outside, the feeling of spring is in the air – warmer temperatures, a present breeze, and occasional rain.

I took the weekend to clear out some trash and start a new garden bed – or at least clear out the mess that was there before. At one point, I think someone had a nice pretty garden there – roughly 12′ by 4 1/2′. One of the previous owners of this property definitely loved gardening, flowers, and birds. I see remnants of that love all over the place, but degraded by years of the elements with no (or little) care.

My graduate studies course is officially 1/2 way through. Grades should be posted soon for the midterm and first project. Enough to know if one should continue the course or drop to preserve GPA. I will admit to some concern over maintaining my straight 4.0.

Payoff debt plan I think is switching to the car loan first. It’s not per Dave Ramsay plan, but it will free up a larger bill. We’ll call that goal a win if we do it first.

March is here – I got slightly ahead of my one a month plan in the beginning of February, but I’m lagging now. Time to catch back up!

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