Weekly Update #7

I’m not sure why lately, but the past few weeks I’ve been down. Maybe some sort of seasonal depression – the weather gets just good enough to interest me in being outside, and then the cold creeps back in. Nothing makes me much happier than walking in winter snow, but I need some sun time as well.

Professionally, I’m at a fork in the road – attempting to decide between multiple choices. I have it really good for work environment, but I don’t find much fulfillment. And what’s more, I leave work and come home tired. So many things I’d like to do, but no energy to do them.

I completed my midterm, and am mostly caught back up with school. Have an extra credit paper due next Sunday. Will probably work with it some during the week. Might as well try.

In any event, outside of reporting on my goals, the past 2 weeks have been a bit miserable on progress.

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