Weekly Update #5

Friday updates didn’t seem to be working out, so I’m just going to make sure I do something 1x a week (Fri-Sun, depending on when I get to it!).

This past week has been busy with remodeling and work. In an exciting turn, Fin is planning on writing a research paper of her own – and there’s a lot of opportunity in her subject for economics modeling and a degree of math. Our kitchen is currently a complete mess of drywall dust and loose construction supplies – but it’s starting to take shape.

On reading: I’m currently working through “Out of the Dark” by Helen Keller. The book was originally published in 1913, and offers a rather interesting glimpse into attitudes and times 100 years back. History is always interesting in the things that have changed versus not.

On writing / piano / school: Yikes, this week has been BUSY with school. Most all of my free time has been spent trying to get caught up on an assignment I damn near procrastinated to the breaking point. That said, writing the assignment has gotten my technical writing savvy moving again. Piano is smally iterative – I’ve been concentrating on one of Beethoven’s earlier sonatas in C-b – with a special effort toward improving technique and keeping the wrist relaxed.

On homestead / life: I worked my butt off to get our media room in a more friendly situation for SuperBowl visitors. That involved clearing out a fair amount of “stuff” previously stacked there. The room is more functional now, but I’ve got a LOT more to do. I’d like to get started on the dog room – but need more planning, ideas, and to get some of my get up and go back!

’till next time.

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