Friday Update #4

It’s hard to believe January is already gone!

This past week has been busy with remodeling and work. In an exciting turn, Fin is planning on writing a research paper of her own – and there’s a lot of opportunity in her subject for economics modeling and a degree of math. Our kitchen is currently a complete mess of drywall dust and loose construction supplies – but it’s starting to take shape.

On reading: I visited the library last Saturday and checked out a couple books for the end of January / February reading. I read recently that libraries are gaining in popularity to the point that it’s more popular than movie theater visits. I’ve also started using inoreader – in some ways I like it more than my old greader, but the jury is still out – the mobile interface is good, but I haven’t found myself using it much.

On writing: I have a couple ideas for writing projects and research papers: lossy compression of vector graphics, land survey utilizing drone imagery with fixed point references, case study of python as scalable middleware. I’ve managed to my blogging head mostly active, and I haven’t completely failed to keep the guided journal. The guided journal is awesome – but my health has been rough for January and this journal makes you get out and do things.

On Piano: I’m actively working on playing from Debussy’s Prelude Bk 1 and Beethoven Sonata Op 8 No 13 first movement (wish the video showed more of Barenboim’s pedaling technique – I love the rumble he achieves in the allegro con brio portions – I suspect some rapid half-pedaling – you can see perhaps some from 5:00-6:00). I’ve also taken a very back-to-basics approach on technique, reviewing a series written for beginner to middle-intermediate players. I’m hoping to record Debussy’s Girl with Flaxen Hair this Summer.

On homestead / life: I’ve been research wildflowers to plant. It’s a tad late right now for them, but I’m hoping to visit the local stores and collect some seed. I’ve also been reading and looking into hydroponics and raised garden beds – trying to figure out how and where to do things. There’s a whole lotta stuff in our barn to go through and organization that could be done there – not to mention in the house as well. I’m behind in class but hoping to catch up today / tomorrow. Finances are a tad strained from the remodel, but still moving in the right direction.

’till next time.

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