Friday* Update #3

4 weeks into the new year already and near time to say bye to January. This past week has been rough (too much time being sick!), but I’m getting back in the saddle at least a bit.

How’d I do this Month?

I’ve started working on 3 different piano pieces, and a technique book. At least for January, I’m on track to complete the personal challenge of daily practice. We’ll see if I can keep it going. I also found (SOME!) of my old recording gear. Might be able to get some podcasts up and going soon.

I finished the January book, and hope to have a book review up shortly. Fin is giving advice on the garden, even if not ready to get back to the hobby. I’m researching things to grow and trying my hand at some really basic cooking. Meanwhile, I’ve been searching out gardening blogs, idea casts, and trying to network from there to newer / cooler things.

The grad class? Still going, going to work on some homework after this post. I’ve also kept the guided journal (even if the past 2 weeks were … sparse), and am fairly enjoying it. Both these activities have me ready to work on that research paper, but I’m still searching for a good topic.

This post might be a day late, but I’ve kept on top of retrospectives on my yearly goals. Hopefully, with focus I’ll be able to achieve them all.

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