Friday Update #2

Winter’s cold grasp is wrapped tightly around our homestead. Ice encased trees are simultaneously beautiful and terrifying. A few degrees cooler would have pushed this last storm into more dangerous territory. As it was, I stayed home and Fin took the car to work. Fortunately, her commute is only a couple miles of surface streets.

Some sort of gnarly cold virus hit this week and consumed significant amounts of my free time. Still, I’ve kept up with the grad class, piano playing, and even managed to power through a fair amount of my book while up sick.

The blog scene is depressingly sparse these days. Perhaps the format has run its course, and the general public favors the frantic pace of twitter and facebook. Sad, because as I return to RSS feeds, I’m realizing how much we miss in the noise of constant short-form updates.

Say safe out there folks, it’s a crazy world.

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