Friday Update #1

There’s some nasty weather rolling in, and I’m sitting down trying to keep off Facebook. I’ve been thinking for a bit that a once a week activity post might get me to get off my ass and do stuff. Here Goes.

Grad school started this past week, and I’m feeling simultaneously behind and (likely) over-confident. This class covers stuff I’ve worked on professionally for a few years, but it’ll be interesting to be academic about it. I’ve started a pop non-fiction book, that I’ll be trying to review shortly. On Piano, I’ve been experimenting with Debussy and focusing on technique and strength.

We started a “small” remodel of our kitchen with the goal of replacing upper cabinets with shelving – and quickly discovered some gnarly damage that we’re gonna have a contractor out to repair. As a small bonus, we’ll be able to clean up some of the weirder wiring. Financially, it looks like we may have to shore some other stuff up before the student loan is paid, but I’m not calling that one a loss… Yet.

Lots of noise in the news – but nothing that I’m gonna call out today.

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