Fate's Obligatory Update

Since starting the new gig, I’ve definitely found myself – slowly, but surely – having more energy. It helps that my current work environment is a lot more positive than the previous. Meanwhile, on the home front, the haunted house and family health concerns have taken over. Today, is the first in a long while, I’ve felt like I could sit back and breath.

I actually sat and played piano some. All that, and I still have a list of chores around the house. Even as ugly clouds hang over us, Fin and I have been fairly motivated lately. When we both were feeling down and out, we decided to start working from “the inside out” – taking the steps to reach our goals that were closest to us, as opposed to simply trying to hit them.

Changing my job was one of our first steps.

Now, we’re working a bit more on getting healthy, and I’m starting to think more and more about fixing this old house up to sell – or at a minimum, but nicer to live in. We’ve got a few cool experiments going now, and Fin may yet have a few blog posts to write.

There’s been a lot of news lately, but I’ve been lax on writing my “interesting news bits”. Given my general feelings anymore about the news, and people writing it, I’m not sure I’ll continue the series.

I’m tired of “news” for the sake of creating opinions that doesn’t lead people to think or actually do things. I’m tired of the continual attacks on various “cultures” deemed inferior by talking heads. In short, I’m tired of reading the opinions of others with no real backing or facts other than to spew forth their personal Utopian view for society. Or, to put it another way, news is dead, propaganda is all that seems to be around now.

And I’m tired of reading it.

I’m hopeful I’ll figure out a way to cut through some in favor of reporting on “cool things” going on out there. That’ll be my goal for next week. Until then, I’ve got some music to find and work around the house to get done.

— Fate

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