Fate's Weekend Update v.12

Metcalf South Closes – I’m only slightly surprised, and just because I expected the “Great Mall” in Olathe to close first. This comes slightly after the property was purchased. I’m hoping they plan to redevelop rather than let it sit empty.

Plaza Art Fair – Hipsters on parade. Fin and I forgot the fair was going on when we decided to celebrate our anniversary by making a trek out to some nice restaurants there. It worked out, with the exception of some random “Woo Girls” providing moderate annoyance. Fin and I ran into a rare artist that hits on both or our tastes.

Layoffs – Perceptive is laying off multiple workers. I noticed that they seemed to be freezing hiring locally. It appears that most of these layoffs are focused on removing redundancy after Pacman-ing multiple companies. Microsoft has also gone through with Round-2 of their reorganization. It seems us “little people” have to either work at small shops for little money, or choose our allegiances carefully to currently growing organizations. At least Microsoft is focusing its ax currently on middle management dead-weights.

Star in a star – I’m sure there’s an appropriate meme here… but, looks like astronomers found something cool recently.

NFL Domestic Violence – The media is actively attacking the NFL for “domestic violence” issues. Instead of focusing on the NFL breeding domestic violence issues, maybe we should have a frank conversation about how money makers and athletes get a lot of lenience. Hint: Ray Rice should be in jail, not missing games.

NonUnited Kingdom – Scotland votes to not leave the UK. A stronger transition plan would have likely shifted the vote the other way. Cartographers will not need to update that particular region for the time being.

Back to War – I don’t think the resurgence and “need” to return to Iraq/Syria will play well for the democrats. If the Repubs focus on foreign policy over the next few election cycles… We might see some serious shifts in congress.

Pat Roberts In Trouble – As a (likely) future Kansas resident, I’m cheering to see an Independent Senator. (Ok, a Democrat in Independents clothing, but an Independent nontheless). Kansans – PLEASE get out and support ousting the Democrat/Republican duopoly. Also… Pat Roberts is a douche.

Alibaba IPO – A sign of things to come? The largest ever IPO in the US was for, essentially, the Chinese variant of Amazon. In other news, if you’re wondering where that corner-store tobacco store gets all those random cheap TVs, Hookahs, and novelties….

Home Depot Breach – Just when I thought I missed out on cancelling my CC because of a big data breach…

Apple Removes Backdoor – iPad/iPhone won’t have a nice little backdoor to unlock anymore. Curious if we’ll see this legislated back in.

Bono Sucks – As if having U2 shoved down your throat with a recent “free album”, they’re no advocating creating a new “media format”. This simply adds to my list of reasons to avoid Apple products, burn any existing U2 CDs/records, and continue my support for non-asshat music distributors.

More California Stupidity – Don’t share lunch. No sharing! Really…. Yeah…. really. Yet another reason why I don’t want to move to California. Yay safety!

Have a Good Weekend Folks.

— Fate

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