Fate's Interesting News Bits v.11

Death Valley Rocks – I remember talking about this in Science class… Now, no more fun with endless hours of speculation…

Movies Suck – “Worst Summer Since 1997” of movie sales. Why? Rehashed garbage. Guardians of the Galaxy / Lego, did make up some ground though.

That “Other” Shooting – No real coverage for this guy in the media, probably because of where it happened. But… there’s actual evidence and he wasn’t fresh off robbing a store. Can we pick our cases for outrage a bit better?

Second Cold War – EU v. Russia, aided by a lukewarm foreign policy in the States. I really hope I don’t end up seeing World War III.

8TB Hard drive – That’s a lotta movies… Or about 4 1/2 days of high-def pr0n…

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