Fate's Interesting News Bits v.10

The long running stories of ISIS and Ferguson are still going on. Otherwise, not much catching my eye this week, but I’ve been more busy than usual.

Mythbusters Cuts – Mythbusters is going back to just Adam and Jamie. I’m guessing due to reduced ratings. Don’t watch it much anymore, but … I’m less likely to now.

20140 Hugo Awards –  Fresh of the press

Police Lawsuit – This just in, police can’t arrest you for recording them, though, apparently they don’t care if you’ll win the lawsuit. Maybe they should have to?

Forwards Forwards Forwards! – Balmer’s left Microsoft to do the whole NBA thing. I guess he’ll be more at home throwing chairs with Mark Cuban than in the tech sector.

C++14 Released – Given the general uptake of C++11, I’ll probably get to work with C++14 sometime around… 2024…

China Nukes GMO – apparently China is getting out of creating / allowing GMO crops

ISS Plankton – It’s alliveeeeeeee


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