Fate's Interesting News Bits V.9

Ferguson Unreset – Police brutality, rioting, and racial tension make for a good media shit-storm. Vox has some relatively unbiased / fact based coverage.

Iraq Airstrikes – Continuing fights against ISIS, the new villain for 2014.

Spray Cake – From fridge to cake in 30 seconds. And this is why you’re fat.

Internet Crash – Ok, they call it a “hiccup”. While we’re creatively seeking ways to avoid switching to new protocols, the continued expansion of the internet is hitting some real limits…

First Female Field’s Medalist – Not much more to say, pretty cool story.

New GM Crops – Immediately on schedule as multiple patents begin expiring, a new round of GM crops will save the pro… er… increase value for farmers.

Reporters Protest – A group of reporters stood up for journalistic integrity and the ability to have anonymous sources. We’ll see if Obama really does deliver any “change” as his justice department threatens to prosecute.

Internet Pope -Now that the Vatican has a twitter feed, the Pope is telling young people to not waste time online.

Google Can See You – New satellites with greater resolution abilities are being approved and released into space. While the media might indicate that these are good enough to ‘make out faces’, a “face” in that case would be a single pixel. So, you could watch someone run, but not really see who.

Last, but not least, the world lost a great comedian, and by many accounts, person. Rest in Peace. This past week, we also learned of a new ongoing battle with Parkinsons, in addition to the repeated previous battles with Depression.

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