Fate's Interesting News V.8

Well, Fin and I were out on vacation for a bit. I’m back now and ready to catch up on some blogging, so here’s the interesting stories from the past week.

Your Password’s Broken – yet another large data breach. Some people (I will call them idiots) are proposing a centralized password database as a solution. Web admins – please learn about the joys of salt, kthx.

Missouri Constitutional Amendments – “Right to Farm” passed, giving a boon to Big-Ag, but nothing really for gardeners.  75% of us value our electornic privacy.  And no-new sales tax for roads.

No to Toy Street Car – I’m glad I don’t live or work in KC proper, given the bullshit they like to spend that nice 1% cut of annual income from everybody. Voters actually developed some stones and told the city to not waste thousands on yet another expensive boondoggle while infrastructure crumbles.

Back to Iraq – Air strikes, and renewed conflict. ISIS is the new Taliban.

Near Miss – So, apparently, a solar flare barely missed us. Had it hit? Well, we’d be largely without GPS, internet, and a good part of the grid would be down.

Personal Audio on the Ropes – I’m not a big fan of Adam Carolla, but maybe he can knock this company out for good.

Ebola Outbreak – WHO has declared the Ebola Outbreak an international emergency. Scary shit.

SkyNet Comes – IBM has created a new ‘brain’ processor. If you put a couple million of these together, (ignoring the interconnect issues), you’d have something resembling a human brain. This comes only months after a super-computer modeled 1% of the human brain.

Legal Cellphone Unlock – At least, for now. Let’s hope the right to own our devices continues.

Nintendo Still Sucking – I kinda regret the Wii U, Fin and I loved the new Mario game, but there’s little other content, and I refuse to invest any money in the virtual console until I can transfer my account to another unit.

CIA Spys on Congress – Or, I should say, finally admits to it.

Post ACA Medical Bills Still Stupid – Hey, my nasty cut finger only cost $1200 for the insurance company. $8,200 for a bandage? Yeah… that makes a lot of sense.

Sprint Breaks up with T-Mobile – The on-again of-again merger talks are now off-again, and probably for good. Sprint is still loosing customers. Given Sprint’s efforts to destroy net neutrality with an H-bomb, I’m not to broke up about them getting “adjusted” by the market.

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