Fate's Interesting News Bits V.7

Ukraine Crash – No funny things to say about this. It’s sad, tragic, and disgusting.

Microsoft Resizes – 18,000 people to be laid off. It really sucks to be a Nokia employee right now, but I doubt that anyone there is completely surprised by what’s going on. If Microsoft is SMART, they’ll be axing or refreshing most of the management structure there. From the sound of things…. they’re being smart, but I’ve yet to see any real detail.

New York Lyft – The courts have basically barred Lyft from operating in its designed model in New York. Lyft will have to work with regulators to get “approval” for how they dispatch vehicles and pricing. Regulatory Capture isn’t real at all, nope…

Most Awesome 3d Printer Ever – 3d printed ice cream.

Marvell Goes PC – Instead of inventing new Super-Heroes, Marvell is rebranding old ones to help add diversity. The purist in me says don’t mess with my childhood. At some point, does modifying characters so drastically and intentionally stop becoming inclusive, and start becoming condescending?

Eating Electricity – Bacteria that lives directly off electricity. Sounds like Sci-Fi, but it’s out there. How cool is that?

Comcast Still Sucks – 20 minutes to cancel. I’m not surprised. Of course, they have “more work to do”. I’d guess in figuring out how to detect and avoid people recording the 20 minutes it takes to cancel. Just another reason to say no to the TWC/Comcast merger.

“Greens” Use More – Shocked! Shocked! There’s a reason I’m more a fan of “sustainable” culture than “green”. And even then, the terms are coopted and abused. If you insist on buying the latest / greatest gadgets because they are “better for the environment”, then your just a mindless consumer, not an environmentalist. The article is a bit more mild than that, but it does reveal that people saying they care about climate change don’t move that into their personal use of energy.

Craigs List Danger – Use caution buying / selling on craigslist… people can suck. Looks like police have hopefully broken up a robbery ring locally, but I’d give some time in case other people decide to copy the idea.

Park Pianos – Seattle, WA is doing the community piano thing. This has been done around the world multiple times, maybe it’d be fun to try to do it locally. More exposure to music, art, and the outdoors. Less exposure to video games. Good things.

Obama Goes Conservative – Mind you, the talking heads didn’t really notice, except a few to criticize for this being very “Reagan”.

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