Fate's Interesting News Bits V.6

Israel Escalates – From the tragic deaths of a  few children to now many more. Sad, but not surprising.

Germany Spanks Brazil … and then is overly polite about it – The real story here is seeing the general level of sportsmanship going on in Soccer…er, football. Sorta weird, as an American it feels a bit out of place. Shouldn’t Germany be like – “We crushed Brazil, now it’s you Argentina”, and then Argentina can trash talk back?

One Terminal KCI – I Love our Airport, and the “one terminal” stories sadden me. Talking to some people that fly more often, I can understand some of the desire, and the crumbling infrastructure… Still… I hope it doesn’t turn into some of the madhouses I’ve seen elsewhere in the country.

Pat Roberts Thinks Musicians Should Work For Free – I don’t agree with Knapp’s politics, but seeing several of my friends faced with extreme challenges being musicians – expected to work for free – I’m highly annoyed by the Roberts’ campaign would go after Knapp for being paid to provide band service. I’d be more disturbed if Knapp played for free than asked for money for an event. He’s an entertainer, he deserves to be paid. And, really, Roberts whole “gaffe” is just nothing more than the TRUTH biting him on the ass. I’ll cross my fingers for a sane candidate to win (hint: not Wolf or Roberts).  Given the lax residency standards, we should just find a bunch of crazy liberals willing to rent a room in the state with the “intention” of staying.

Elon Musk Donates $1mil – The Tesla museum thing might actually end up happening. The Oatmeal managaed to bring him out for a solid million dollar donation.

Skeet Shooting With Prizes – Amazon is going to start testing drones for package delivery.

Claiborne Richardson Wants Pictures of a Kid’s Cock – One of the most enraging news stories I’ve seen in a while. Hopefully this worthless pile of human excrement looses his position as a DA. Because the point of child-porn laws is to go after teenagers sexting. Of course, we prosecute the MALE only. If this isn’t selective prosecution, I have NO IDEA WHAT IS.

Mind Controlled Google Glass – Maybe just a little bit more creepy? Technology is moving in interesting directions. In other brain control news, a quadriplegic can now move his fingers.

Verruckt Open – No news yet of mass accidents on the waterslide. I’ve already added this to my “TODO” list.

Live Smallpox – Nature will find a way… In this case, apparently, an old broom closet left forgotten for years. Scary.

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