Fate's Interesting News Bits V.5

Ebola Desperate Measures – The continuing Ebola outbreak has people calling for using experimental treatments. The lack of a coordinated response in West Africa is scary.

Revenge Killings Jerusalem – An eye for an eye…. People are angry.

Hobby Lobby Ends the World – Supreme Court helps. I need to read the opinion still, but have my doubts that this is the world ending decision people make it out for.

Facebook Still Evil – I completely hate the “news view”. I usually end up looping through my friend’s pages to get a feel for what they’re doing. It’d be nice if a distributed solution took over.

First Female 4star Admiral – Woman continues to show young girls what they can accomplish should they desire  a military career.

Video Game Gender Stupidity – Shockingly, girls can play games just as good or better as boys? We don’t need gendered tournaments for games? Really…. nahhhhhhhh, you don’t say. Dumbasses. Glad things got corrected.

Sad Story – I really hope this ends with the maximum possible penalty for this evil turd. It made the rounds, and reminds me that as positive as I think people can be… some people just need put down.

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