Fate's Interesting News Bits V.3

Justina Pelletier Goes Home – Hopefully there’s some justice here…. Not sure what justice here would be, but I don’t think the medical community was cool in how they handled the case.

Bionic Pancreas  – Parents do cool things for their kids. An electronic pancreas? This will really help people.

GM Banana – Our obsession with creating Soylent Green continues. Maybe we should cut to the chase and introduce people grinders?

Gas Tax Hike – Two senators are looking to jack up the price of gas.

IRS Recycles Hard Drives – The IRS apparently destroyed the “crashed” hard drive that held all the pertinent E-Mails the GOP wants to read. You’d expect that the people requiring us to keep records would be better at… keeping records. $10 million to recover a bunch of E-Mails, and an “underfunded” IT budget. Maybe I should jump into document recovery…

Amazon Fire non-Smart Smartphone – Want nice hardware but a neutered experience? Consensus is growing that there are better walled garden solutions. I’ll stick to my standardish Android experience thank you very much.

NSA Funding Cut By House Vote – I give no chance of this living, but some of our representatives think it’s a bad idea to watch our emails and phone calls… A third of them don’t.

Poachers Suck – Sato the elephant was killed by poachers. Sad. May they rot in hell with the ivory the collected shoved someplace very uncomfortable.

Nixon Energy Plan – The Governor signed an executive order to investigate alternative energy solutions for our state.


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