Fates Interesting News Bits V.2

Nonprofit food sharing lives another day – The Kansas City city council couldn’t agree on an ordinance to force non-profits to follow the same food safety rules  / certification / training requirements of commercial kitchens.

Uber Cab Protests – Cab drivers protested en masse over Uber  and similar services moving in on their turf. Right or wrong, Uber drivers are currently ignoring or skirting the law in a lot of areas. Perhaps laws requiring $200,000 permits to operate a cab don’t deserve observing?

Republican Majority Leader Cantor Looses Primary – While the media are portraying this election as a Tea Party win, I take it as a sign that Americans are growing tired of our worthless representatives. Hopefully the Democrats/Occupy crowd can score some similar wins.

One in Three Americans Are At Risk or Have Diabetes – Our nation’s obsession with Junk Food is beginning to make our previous smoking habit look good. 29 million diabetics in the US, with another 86 million at high risk.

NetFlix Drama – The rumbles of NetFlix vs. Verizon have the FCC looking into things. Meanwhile, technology workers see immediate impacts and issues caused by the current peering drama. While you can’t stop the signal, it’s not looking strong right now.

FBI Hiring Potheads –  If you’re a security researcher, the FBI may turn a blind eye to a certain habit… At least for now.

ComCast owns your modem – ComCast silently turned on Wifi sharing across many subscribers. Funny… my internet terms of service wouldn’t let ME do this, but it’s ok for them.

Grumpy Cat Movie – Lifetime is creating a live Christmas special for Grumpy cat, “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever”. You know you’re going to watch it… At least for 5 minutes.

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