Fate's Interesting News Bits V.1

I’ve decided to start posting the news stories I find interesting throughout the week here. Mostly, so I can look back and laugh at the things I found interesting:

Bergdahl Prisoner Swap Controversy – making the rounds with conservatives screaming about changing attitudes toward negotiations and status of the Taliban.

Kansas City VA Waiting Lists – Looks like our local hospitals are part of the VA waiting list scandal. I don’t think your politics matters when saying – this ain’t right.

Hipsters get new apple toys – WWDC is making a splash in tech circles. (Troll Comment: Microsoft already did most of this with Windows 8).  Seriously, some of this looks fairly cool. I’m still not a fan of the ‘walled garden’ though.

Kiera Wilmot Graduates – Remember the girl that accidentally-on-purpose set off a small chemical reaction and got busted for making a soda bottle pop? She managed to finish High School and get into college. She’s still playing the “oops I didn’t realize” card, but I’m glad that story finished out ok.

NetFlix and Verizon Flirt with destroying net neutrality – How long will I get to maintain a blog without becoming or joining a media company? Let’s hope the web remains free. There’s no good side in this debate, NetFlix is looking for a free lunch, and Verizon is rent-seeking.

Bill Waterson Cameo – I like Pearls before Swine… but man… Why that one? That’s one crazy cameo story. Wonder if he was scratching a creative itch? I know he’ll never see my ‘lone’ blog post out here but: Please do a WebComic. Plz. With a cherry on top. That’s a genre that could use some ‘old school’ creator to come in and make it a thing.

Sure there’s other stuff this week, but… I’m just starting this out.

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