Memorial Day

A while back, I began a series on “the war of masculinity“. I meant to continue writing it, and Fin tells me I really should. Some things need to be said, and hopefully in a way that gets people to think, as opposed to react with defensiveness or highlighting other social issues.

In that article, I highlighted the lack of respect for our troops as a lack of respect for “masculine” values. Whatever term we choose to describe the underlying willingness to fight and die, to conquer over evil, to defend the weak, … The letters and social constructs of the term don’t matter. The value does.

There are many that have died for our freedom. And, no doubt, many still will die to attain or preserve freedom. Whatever the politics of an individual war or armed action, the willingness to serve should be honored.

The most important “support” for our troops we can give is our respect. Walking through the Washington DC area, feeling the history, and seeing several veterans visit monuments for wars they fought… I saw those that simply gave lip service to “supporting our troops”, and I saw those that did. The difference? Respect.


I’ll continue my series on the importance of values later. But for today, for all those men and women that died or otherwise sacrificed… You have my utmost respect and thanks.

— Fate

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