DIY Tye-dye Shoelaces

I couldn’t find what I was looking for,  so I made my own!


They are made out of 15 foot of paracord.  I dyed it with rit dye mixed with boiling vinegar,  1:1.  I made a loose wrapping and tied it with some string,  then dipped each side in dye for about 5 min per side.  Then I dried them in the dryer after rinsing them well.  I cut them in half and melted the ends,  then laced them in a “spider-web” lacing design.

The lacing design is from this site.  That’s an awesome site about laces and lacing.   The whole project took me less then half an hour and I was able to do exactly what I wanted with my laces.  I was getting tired of black boots with boring black laces,  now I have awesome laces!

Dosn’t everybody need awesomeness in their life?


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