Fate's Resolutions 2014

I’m maintaining my yearly habit of new years goals. This year, I’m going to attempt to be slightly more specific, in hopes of actually accomplishing a few.

1. Pay off 2 more accounts

If I can manage this guy, I’ll probably be shouting “I’m debt free” some time in 2015. Debt sucks. I’ve been working slowly at paying off a lot of it over the years, and, hopefully, Fin and I will dig ourselves out soon. Until then, we keep working at it.

2. Publish an App on the Android App Store

Not for any real reason, other than to say I’ve done it. I’ve got a couple ideas up my sleeve right now.

3. Make a few batches of fermented beverage

I’d like to try my hand at creation of Apple Cider, wine, mead, and beer. My main goal will be a hard cider, but I think the others could be interesting. We’ll see how they go.

4. Develop a whizz-bang suburbanreject.com theme

I’m really tired of borrowing wordpress themes, I’m hoping over the year to get some good photos, do some experimenting with colors, and build a cool theme for this site. Stay posted.

5. Record/Produce a few pieces of music and publish them on the net

My Christmas present to myself was a bunch of recording equipment (mics, mixer, laptop). I’m also hoping to do some experimenting with Techno, and sound effects in general with my Midi keyboard. We’ll see what develops over the year.

6. Have a solid work out routine formed before September

There’s a lot of questions here in terms of what/when/where/how. As the year starts, I hope I can work at answering those, and that sometime in the middle of the Summer, I have a solid routine going. My knees will thank me.

7. Learn C#

Professionally, I use a moderate amount of C# currently, but not enough to place it on my CV. I’ll be switching a few projects over to C# for sake of being more familiar with it. I don’t expect to have the same level of mastery I have over C++/C, but it would be handy to push forward a bit more.

8. Get a few of the homestead Carpentry/Plumbing/Electrical “TODO” items out of the way

I’ve got an ever growing list of things that need done to fixup this house. In 2014, I’d like to be able to report that I accomplished at least a handful of things. Given the increasing number, that shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.

9. Average 2 posts a month on SuburbanReject.com

Hey, this blog has been greatly neglected… I’d like to get back to publishing useful stuff.

10. Resume my tutorial writing / developer documentation niche

I got back one of my old domains. I used to have multiple tutorials floating around out in the wild. I’d like to get back to that.

Stretch Goal #1 Develop Income Sources Outside of Office Work

I saw someone online mention the wisdom of having a secondary source of income besides the “day job”. It’s an interesting idea, and one that I think I’ll begin to follow. I doubt it’ll happen in 2014, if only because I don’t want to deal with the taxman yet.

Stretch Goal #2 Get Involved with Make style community

I’d like to start doing some more “maker” / electronic hobbyist sort of things. We’ll see.

Stretch Goal #3 Amateur Radio License

There’s a couple reasons why I’m interested in this. Not sure it’s going to happen in 2013, there’s a bit of research / equipment / prep to accomplish.


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