A slow start to a modest garden…

My second year of gardening at my house.  These are two different examples of hugelkulture beds.  Both are heavily mulched on top to help trap additional moisture and reduce the need for watering.  Due to the extended cold and then excessive rain (and some illness on Fin's part), things got started a little late this year.  Either way, the greens are starting to come up, even if they are a little late.


The side bed:  Upper left is some type of Kale that regrew from last year.  Other than that, it's all carrot tops that you can see at the moment.  There is Romaine lettuce planted throughout, but that is only visible up-close as tiny sprouts.




The Raised Bed: Two types of tomatoes in the cages on the left, next to that is a row of okra, and the rest of the bed is 3 different types of squash.

The holes you see nothing growing in either didn't germinate, or they were plucked by the birds and died before I could replant them.  Damn birds.  We'll be reseeding shortly where necessary.




One of my favorite plants in my yard will be blooming again soon:  My Yucca plant!



Hopefully Fin will come by and post the specific plants in the comments, because I can't remember them off the top of my head.  Either that, or I will edit this post tomorrow.

One thought on “A slow start to a modest garden…”

  1. Hrm,  lemme see,  I think the kale is larks tongue and I'm not sure what kind of carrots they are.  The lettuce is romaine.  The tomatoes are black plum. The okra is Clemson spineless. The squash is zucchini,  yellow crook neck,  patty pan,  and kamu kamu,  but I have no idea what order they are in.  I have some more seeds,  I will try to get over this week and get them replanted where they didn't come up. 

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