Dropping Google and Facebook

I've had multiple debates with coworkers on the value of the "cloud" and placing your data in the trust of others.  While I care about privacy, my views are shaded by a distinct pragmatism.  I know many willing to share pretty much everything on Facebook and Google, and others that go so far as to host their own physical email servers and domains.

Looking at current "cloud" data providers, Google was an attractive choice for a few major reasons.  First, all of their services HAD (very important past-tense) the feel of playing along well with others. Google pushed HTML5 and open video codecs, and federated chat servers with others.  And then, you could pay for an ad free experience, which I did.  Facebook has ALWAYS had a rather F-you attitude toward privacy and personal details.  Not to mention, obvious commercial interests and a need to monetize users.

Lately, I've been feeling an increasing level of stress over the sheer reliance I have on these data providers, and their blatant disregard for my privacy.  It will more than likely be a long process, but I've come to the decision that I want my PERSONAL life to be under more of my own control.  I say "dropping google", but "placing softly behind" might be more appropriate.   I'm still, for example, using my google apps subscription currently.

The first step in dropping the G was moving to my own self-hosted blog site. So far, so good. 🙂

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