Fate's 2012 Resolutions Recap

I can save the vast majority of typing here with one word: FAIL.

My resolutions this past year went to hell pretty quick.  I could give a list of excuses, but I’ll save it.  Suffice it to say, I’ve been looking inward and have reached a few conclusions about moving forward again. 🙂  Fin and I both, I think, spent much of the year simply trying to recover from the previous whirlwinds of activity.  Isn’t that the way life goes?
The biggest wins according my resolution list where in music.  This year I played in several public recitals, as well as a few times in public.  While I didn’t complete 3 Chopin pieces, I mastered one, started a second, and move on to multiple other difficult pieces (mostly Bach).
My relationship with Fin continued growing over the past year.  Out of everything over the past year, I’m happiest that we have managed to get stronger as a couple.
Now, on toward 2013, and time to rethink goals now that the world didn’t end.

— Fate

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