2012 Seed List

This is what is getting planted this year….of course always subject to getting added on to, depending on our whims 🙂

hairy vetch
oats, hulless
winter rye
amaranth – golden
amaranth – mayo indian
amaranth- love lies bleeding red
bean – dragon tounge
Beans – selma zesta
beans – grandma nellie’s yellow mushroom bean
beans – rattlesnake pole
long beans – Chinese mosaic long beans
Long Bean – thai purple podded yard long
beet – lutz salad leaf
beet – chioggia
beet – golden beet
beet – mamoth red mangel
broccoli – romanesco italia
broccoli – waltham 29
cauliflower – early snowball
brussels sprouts- catskill
cabbage – early flat dutch
cabbage – premium late flat dutch
cabbage – red acre
carrot – danvers
carrot – cosmic purple
carrot – jaune Obtuse du doubs
celery – utah tall
corn – cherokee long ear small popcorn
corn- wade’s giant indian
cucumber – poona kheera
cucumber – edmonson pickling
cucumber – home made pickles
cucumber – little leaf h-19
eggplant – listada de gandia
eggplant – rosita
ground cherry
red wonder wild strawberry
yellow wonder wild strawberry
Garlic- Best selling sampler
wong bok cabbage
kale – russian red
kale – larks tounge kale
leek – king seig
lettuce – iceburg
lettuce – jericho (cos)
lettuce – yougoslavian red butterhead
lettuce – wild garden lettuce mix
melon – edisto 47
melon – kansas
melon – green machine
okra – bowling red
okra – burmese
okra – jing orange
onion – crimson forest-bunching
onion – he shi ko – bunching
onion – evergreen hardy white
peas – sugar snap
pepper- napoleon sweet
pepper-orange bell
pepper- yellow bell
pepper – sweet chocolate
pepper – anehiem
pepper – jalapeno
pepper – ashe county pimento
pepper – corno di toro
pepper – sweet bananna
pepper – aji dulce
wildflower- siberian wallflower
radish – easter egg
rutabega – nadmorska
sorghum – mennonite
wild flowers- maltese cross
spinach – bloomsdale
wild flowers- black eyed susan
spinach – new zeland spinach
Zinnia – persian carpet
spinach – red malabar spinach
squash – kamo kamo
squash – tromboncino
squash – waltham butternut
squash_ golden bush scallop
chard – five color silver beet
chard – oriole orange chard
chard – perpetual spinach
tomato – green zebra
tomato – black plum
tomato – cherokee purple
tomato – yellow bell
tomato – german red strawberry
tomato- otv brandywine
tomato – striped roman
ground cherries – cossack pineapple
turnip – boule d’or
turnip – scarlet ohno revival
watermelon – moon and stars, long milky way
basil – cinnamon
Marigold – brocade mix
basil – holy basil
lavender, english
bee balm – lemon
parsley – dark green italian
parsley – moss curled
purslane – golden
bachelor’s button – polka dot mix
cockscomb – dwarf mix
cockscomb – tall
milk thistle
marigold – tashkent #1
Morning glory – grandpa ott’s
Nasturtium – tall trailing mix
Lion’s Tail or Wild Dagga
zinnia- Envy
sunflower – peredovik
sunflower- tiger eye
Sunflower – mammoth

I also plan on making seed tapes this year. I’ve developed a taste for orderly rows that are easy to mulch. I don’t have enough patience to plant each individual seed and always end up scattering them. Then I either live with the really spotty coverage that gives, or I dig them up and make nice neat rows. I think just having the tapes from the beginning will make a difference on having to dig things up. I’ve come to realize that proper spacing makes a difference on how things grow, especially lettuces!


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