The otto project updates

Current tank water tests:

GH =89.5 @ 5 drops
KH= 53.7 @3 drops

GH is lower….KH is higher. The water softner pillow did lower the GH, not the KH tho, from what I can tell.

tds = 468
temp = 75.3

Temp is the same. The tds has increased. After doing some reading that seems to be the case. I tried the peat granuals and all they did was raise the tds to way over 500. So, I am down to buying reverse osmosis water from a big box store. I may do some more testing with peat at a later time, but not the stuff you buy at the pet stores.

Values for replacement water:

GH = turned color on the first drop
KH = turned final color on the first drop
TDS = 31

So basically no hardness to this water at all. I will be mixing it with my water to keep the GH and KH at a reasonable level so I don’t end up with a PH crash in this tank. I’m trying to keep the TDS around 100.

This the thread I’ve been reading to try to copy his results. His water values are higher then mine are but I am also trying to breed crystal red shrimp and pygmy cories.

The TDS of the tank was 355 after the water change so there’s no reason to check the other values. I will be doing weekly water changes to get that value down slowly.

The cories were super active after the water change, they are young yet tho, so probably won’t see a spawn from them until this spring at the earliest.

– Fin


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