Crappy picture problem: fixed.

I got a new case for my phone and shortly after downloaded the Blogger app for my phone.  I noticed that the pics I’ve been uploading have had some weirdness to them that I attributed to the screen over the lenses on my phone.  I removed the screen thinking that would help.  Not so much, still the weirdness with the pictures.  I cleaned the lenses really good thinking that might help, it didn’t.  I tried messing with the settings on my phone but couldn’t see anything that might be affecting it.

I did some looking and noticed that I was uploading pictures just fine to Facebook and Picasso, but not to Blogger.  I realized that I could change the picture setting on the Blogger app to upload my original pictures, and bam, problem solved.

I have no idea what the Blogger app was doing to my pictures but changing that setting seems to have fixed things.  Posts with pics seem to take slightly longer to upload now, but at least you can see what I was taking the picture of.  Not that my camera phone is that amazing, but its sure better then Blogger was making it out to be!

I will be going through and reuploading the pics from the messed up posts probably tomorrow, and shouldn’t be seeing this problem in the future.

– Fin

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