Winter in the Garden

It hasn’t been super cold here this year. We’ve only had a couple days and many nights below freezing. It’s been enough to kill most of the veggies but some are still going, some limping along.

Kale and maybe some Kolrabi:


The cover crop is coming in nicely in places, not as well in others:

Fate took down the Christmas tree yesterday and I cut it up to make a support for some climbing things this summer:

I’m not sure what will be climbing it yet but it should provide a nice support for something.

I’ve started chopping up the rotted wood for my hugelkulture beds in the front yard. It’s slow going. Its hard work and I am convinced I lost a lot of muscle from being vegetarian for so long. Slowly but surely I will build it back up tho. I’ve got plenty of time.

I’ve been enjoying going through my seed catalogs this winter. I’ve am getting ready to put an order in very soon. It’s getting time to start seeds for the garden this year. I’m excited to see spring come and things start growing again.

– Fin

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