Downtown Denver Aquarium

I’m currently in Denver for a wedding so of course I had to go check out the local fish stuff! Too bad I’m a weekend early for the local fish club meeting 🙁

We went to the downtown denver aquarium yesterday evening and it was truly amazing. I took a bunch of pics from my camera phone and some of them turned out pretty awesome. The link is here if anyone wants to see them.

We also went to a couple different aquarium stores today that I would recommend if you are in denver, nice selections at both. Lots of plants at Fish Den AND they gave me the fish club discount with my HAAS card! They said they were low on plants and fish cause of the holidays and they STILL had a great selection! They had a ginormous flowerhorn there, biggest I think I’ve ever seen. Then: Some plants, a few unusual fish, and some neat salt stuff at Todd’s Tropical Fish.

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