Fate's 2011 Resolutions

Yesterday, I told Fin I wrote a couple blog posts. Her immediate response? “So, did you post your Resolutions recap and are planning on posting resolutions for next year?” Me: “….” Well, why not? It’s tradition… So, new years resolutions, again:

1. Better manage eating out and bringing lunch to work
Fin and I have a basic “frozen leftovers” system where we freeze main courses for me to grab with my lunches. Still, I find I’ve slipped on my lunch grabbing for the office. This year, my goal is to get back to eating out only 1x a week, and making that a more planned event.

2. 3 camping trips for 2011 – with 1 in a new location.
This is less a resolution and more of a plan. Next year, I’d like to make 3 camping trips instead of 2. This really depends on both Fin and my schedules, but I think it should be doable.

3. Pay off one more loan.
Making good progress on this. With any luck, this will be nuked from my resolutions list the next couple go-a-rounds.

4. Do more writing / more blog posting.
I’ve got a few writing projects in my head that I’d like to get accomplished. I’d also like to see myself blogging here more often and about more stuff. I started the year off right on that, let’s see if I can keep it up. This years goal is 1 post a month here, and at least half of a book I want to write.

5. Ship something at work or home.
My professional life has seen so many, many canceled projects and products and time sinks over the past few years. I’m hoping to get something out the door either professionally or in my hobby time. By the time this year is out, I’m determined to have SOME software being used by a new customer SOMEWHERE. Damnit.

6. Improve garden and yard care.
For 2011, I’d like to see us have a better looking yard / and continue on making the garden awesome. This year, we did a lot to get the garden started. This next year, I’m hoping to continue that tradition, and help Fin make an even better garden. There’s a few things that went wrong last year, and a lot we did right. This year, we should be able to do even better. Better yard care basically means keeping a solid schedule of cutting the grass, triming the bushes, and ensuring the garden doesn’t get overgrown.

7. Return to Martial Arts.
With the new job, the work/schedule/money matrix looks a lot better for making this happen. It might have happened last year, except I started in mid-Dec right before the holiday season. With the holiday’s past, this should be doable. It’s just a matter of getting the motivation now that several obstacles are improved. By December next year, I’d like to have a couple months attendance at a local school. After that, I’ll decide if my not returning was do to lack of interest or being overwhelmed otherwise.

8. Unpack office, file ‘to file pile’, and unpack 1 garage box.
I’m simplifying my unpacking resolution this year to something very specific. There’s probably too much crap floating around the house to see everything unpacked, but this should be doable and greatly improve our computer area.

9. Start making molded soap.
At this point, I’ve made some solid soaps, and an (accidental) batch of liquid soap. With this years Christmas presents, I have some nice soap molds. I hope to make some cool molded soaps. I’m also thinking about maybe introducing color into the soap as well. Right now though, I do like the no added colors and only essential oils for scent though.

10. Complete at least one carpentry / wood working project solo.
I like that I’ve got family willing to help with a lot of this sorta stuff, but, I’d like to start doing more of this stuff on my own too, now that I’m getting a better feel for how it works.

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