There are reasons I'm a vegetarian

I like to think I’m not the preachy kind of vegetarian. You can eat a burger in front of me and I usually don’t say anything unless I’m offered a bite and then my only response will generally be “No thank you, I’m a vegetarian.” Those preachy, rabid, “meat is murder” vegetarians really kinda piss me off actually. After all, you win more flies with honey then you do vinegar, now don’t you?

Fate has his reason’s he’s vegetarian, I have mine. They are different, but have some similarities. He can post about his sometime….but here’s mine:

Safeway Beef Recall In Arizona And New Mexico

You say: “What? That happens all the time! Its no big deal, its just a recall and the FDA is keeping us safe”

Um, yeah. Lets do the math:

Meat recalled: 22,723-lbs

Average yield from a dressed beef carcass: 569lbs

Assuming they turned all that meat into hamburger…..

Average number of cows that had to die to produce recalled beef:

22,723 lbs of beef / 569 avg cow weight =


40 cows died.

Okay, so what happens to beef that is recalled? It gets destroyed.

Thrown away.


And this is one of the smaller recalls

What about pork (that’d be pigs ya know)….

or chicken

These are living things that had to die in order to produce meat for human consumption. I don’t have a problem with that, at all, its the circle of life. I DO have a real problem with life being wasted. This is life wasted, and gross negligence on humanity’s part in being care takers of this worlds life.

I am vegetarian as a form of silent protest against the waste of life that is going on in the meat industry. There is waste everywhere in the world, in every part of things, however, this is the only part I can think of where living beings have to die for no reason at all.


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