Lazy Sunday Listening

I’d argue that Music Videos mirrored the Romantic Period’s idea of “Program Music”. Composers would indicate a purely instrumental work represented some sort of story –  a trip to see the torment of Hell, or perhaps something more mundane  in the travels of a sponsor.

Anyway, I’m starting a small series in “Interesting Music Videos” this week with Jeremy. It’s one of many highly controversial videos, and one of a few that adds more than a little depth to the song – at least, letting you know what a seemingly random string of words is about.

Lazy Sunday Listening

Compare and contrast an original and some covers today :)

The Original:

Manson’s Cover:

Johnny Cash’s Cover:

Good Song Writing spins endless variations based on personal interpretation. Bad song writing fades into the distance after an initial bang.


Lazy Sunday Listening

Feeling Kinda Metal Today…

Fate’s Interesting News Bits v.11

Death Valley Rocks - I remember talking about this in Science class… Now, no more fun with endless hours of speculation…

Movies Suck - “Worst Summer Since 1997″ of movie sales. Why? Rehashed garbage. Guardians of the Galaxy / Lego, did make up some ground though.

That “Other” Shooting - No real coverage for this guy in the media, probably because of where it happened. But… there’s actual evidence and he wasn’t fresh off robbing a store. Can we pick our cases for outrage a bit better?

Second Cold War - EU v. Russia, aided by a lukewarm foreign policy in the States. I really hope I don’t end up seeing World War III.

8TB Hard drive - That’s a lotta movies… Or about 4 1/2 days of high-def pr0n…

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